Purpose, Philosophy of Ministry
& Retreat Goal

Statement of Religious Purpose

Our goal at Look Up Lodge Christian Camps is to use the Christian camp and retreat experience not only for the benefit of youth, but to fully engage and equip professional and lay church leaders. This comes to pass as staff members motivated by His love and a desire to be of genuine service share their skills, their experience, their zest for wholesome fun, and their testimony about the more abundant life they are experiencing in Christ.

Philosophy of Ministry

Look Up Lodge Christian Camps offers a special ministry supplemental to that of the local church. It provides a change of both pace and place where individuals of all ages, races, and church backgrounds can focus on the person of Jesus Christ. The building of relationships with strong Christians across customary lines encourages genuine application of the life-changing love of God. Dependence for the results resides in the Holy Spirit rather than on human pressure, but the necessity for personal response to Christ’s claims is stressed. Confident that relying on Christ must make a difference in one’s daily decisions, Christians receive encouragement in becoming part of the solution to the world’s ills rather than remaining part of the problem.

The preceding statement incorporates the following underlying principles:

Focus on the ministry of Jesus Christ.
Provision of a relaxed vacation environment.
Importance of building strong relationships.
A ministry supplemental to the local church.
Dependence in outreach of the Holy Spirit.
Necessity of response to the evidence received.
Reliance on Christ must make a difference in daily decisions.
Christians being part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Retreat Goal

We illustrate what we hope to see the camping experience accomplish by comparing the camping experience to a greenhouse. The controlled atmosphere of a greenhouse is similar to the controlled atmosphere of a Christian camp. Worldly influence is removed and replaced with Christian fellowship, Bible teaching, and clean fun. Best of all, God’s light shines through to warm the atmosphere with His love.

Importance of an Outdoor Setting

The facilities and grounds are of tremendous importance to Look Up Lodge Christian Camps’ ministry. An atmosphere involving nature, room to run, and miscellaneous land and water related activities is necessary to produce an environment where the message of Christ is seen and felt, not simply heard. Teaching takes place not only in the chapel and meeting rooms, but on all of Look Up Lodge Christian Camps’ grounds. Through these areas an environment stimulating to Christian growth is produced, whether directly planned or spontaneous.

Relationship to the Church

Look Up Lodge Christian Camps, though non-denominational, stresses the importance of the local church. We consider our facility and program an important service to the church. With our staff guiding the program, we will allow any church to come on a retreat. For a church to come on their own program, we require that our statement of faith be signed. This is to keep everyone using Look Up’s facilities true to one message. Look Up Lodge Christian Camps staff work closely with the churches that come to plan a program that meets their needs.

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