Custom Retreats

Leading a retreat doesn't have to be difficult.  Look Up Lodge is the ministry partner that will support you through the process!

For over 50 years, we have seen how the camp environment removes distractions and opens so many avenues for emotional and spiritual growth for groups.  

Beyond the stunning surroundings, Look Up Lodge offers support to help you worry less and enjoy your retreat more. The Look Up Lodge team is on your side from the moment you contact us.

We help coordinate your schedule, plan team-building experiences, and facilitate memory-making free time activities! Let's make your church retreat the talk of the congregation!

$83 per person for 1 Night / 3 meals
$157 per person for 2 nights / 6 meal
Additional Meals - $10 per meal per person

Additional Nights - $44 per person
Includes private accommodations, private meeting room, use of AV equipment, use of recreational facilities, programming elements of your choice, and 24/7 on call service

How To Book


Schedule Your Retreat

Contact our Reservations Coordinator or office to book your stay.


Arrive & Thrive

Upon arrival, sit back and enjoy the experience. We’ll handle all the details.


See the Impact

Lead growth in your team, resolve problems, and build life-long bonds.

Our Camps

In addition to our home campus, we have several beautiful camps and retreat centers designed to help fulfill whatever your needs are!